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Payroll Law

Duration: 1 day
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Payroll Law
A Day That Brings Clarity To Your Payroll Gray Areas!

What you don't know can hurt you. That's never more true than when handling payroll. The first step to complying with regulations is understanding them.

That's why you'll begin your day with a crash course in payroll's legal basics. You'll find out what areas fall under state, federal, and joint regulation, and learn how to avoid the often staggering penalties and fines of non-compliance.

Handling payroll sounds like a simple proposition. Employees work at a certain rate of pay. You take out taxes and give them the rest of what they've earned. If only it were that clear cut. Regulations regarding special benefits and other payments turn a simple proposition into a legal landmine.

Armed with the strategies you'll gain at this seminar, you'll handle payroll accurately, legally, and with complete confidence.

Every employee's paycheck presents a different challenge. After this seminar, you'll know which forms to use when and, most important, how to keep your company out of hot water with the DOL and state agencies. It's their job to catch you in a mistake. Together, we'll make sure that doesn't happen.


The New Basics Of Payroll Management

  • The high cost of improperly classifying employees
  • Critical steps for new hire reporting - what you must do
  • The most important thing to know about statutory employees
  • Why payroll managers hold more responsibility today than ever before
  • The legal importance of maintaining the distinctions between contract employees and staff
  • What to do if you get an FLSA complaint

Making Sense Of The FLSA

  • The must-do's of FLSA record keeping
  • Exempt vs. nonexempt employees: are you applying the FLSA properly to each?
  • What are your company's responsibilities for travel time, on-call time, and time employees spend waiting on behalf of your company?
  • Are all meetings and training deductible - even those that are primarily vacations?
  • When are exempt employees eligible for overtime?
  • Understanding overlapping federal and state wage and hour laws
  • The important tip credit and what it means to your company's labor costs
  • Comp time the common illegal practice many companies unknowingly use

Special Pay Considerations: Perks & Benefits

  • When and how to tax fringe benefits such as company cars, club memberships, etc.
  • The legal ramifications of paycheck advances
  • When must prizes won at a company function be taxed?
  • Gone to the Guard for the week what to do when military pay and your payroll overlap
  • Tips and uniform allowances: what's considered income, what's not?
  • What you're required to pay when an employee is dismissed
  • Compensation and fair market value: what the law says you must do
  • Gifts that must be reported to the IRS
  • Withholding and reporting rules for cash fringe benefits vs. non-cash fringe benefits

Special Circumstances / Special Treatment

  • When to withhold tax - before or after voluntary deductions
  • Payroll procedures that signal trouble to auditors
  • How to correctly follow the tax provision for low income families
  • What is back-up withholding and when should you use it?
  • The critical differences between W-4, W-4P, and W-4S forms
  • Special must-do procedures for employing resident and non-resident aliens
  • How to handle compensation for U.S. employees working abroad


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Price: $199.00
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Currently Scheduled Locations & Dates For This Seminar

Course Title Date City/State Price
Payroll Law 1/12/2015 AUGUSTA, ME $199.00
Payroll Law 1/12/2015 NORFOLK, VA $199.00
Payroll Law 1/13/2015 RICHMOND, VA $199.00
Payroll Law 1/13/2015 PORTLAND, ME $199.00
Payroll Law 1/14/2015 FAIRFAX, VA $199.00
Payroll Law 1/14/2015 WOBURN, MA $199.00
Payroll Law 1/15/2015 WASHINGTON, DC $199.00
Payroll Law 1/15/2015 NATICK, MA $199.00
Payroll Law 1/16/2015 COLUMBIA, MD $199.00
Payroll Law 1/16/2015 TAUNTON, MA $199.00
Payroll Law 1/20/2015 KLAMATH FALL, OR $199.00
Payroll Law 1/20/2015 GREENSBURG, PA $199.00
Payroll Law 1/21/2015 PITTSBURGH, PA $199.00
Payroll Law 1/21/2015 FREDERICKSBURG, VA $199.00
Payroll Law 1/21/2015 BEND, OR $199.00
Payroll Law 1/21/2015 DANBURY, CT $199.00
Payroll Law 1/22/2015 WATERBURY, CT $199.00
Payroll Law 1/22/2015 MORGANTOWN, WV $199.00
Payroll Law 1/22/2015 HARRISONBURG, VA $199.00
Payroll Law 1/22/2015 EUGENE, OR $199.00
Payroll Law 1/23/2015 INDIANA, PA $199.00
Payroll Law 1/23/2015 WINCHESTER, VA $199.00
Payroll Law 1/23/2015 LEOMINSTER, MA $199.00
Payroll Law 1/23/2015 PORTLAND, OR $199.00
Payroll Law 1/26/2015 OLYMPIA, WA $199.00
Payroll Law 1/26/2015 HYANNIS, MA $199.00
Payroll Law 1/27/2015 TACOMA, WA $199.00
Payroll Law 1/27/2015 PROVIDENCE, RI $199.00
Payroll Law 1/27/2015 FREDERICK, MD $199.00
Payroll Law 1/27/2015 PRESCOTT, AZ $199.00
Payroll Law 1/28/2015 TOWSON, MD $199.00
Payroll Law 1/28/2015 EVERETT, WA $199.00
Payroll Law 1/28/2015 PHOENIX, AZ $199.00
Payroll Law 1/28/2015 SPRINGFIELD, MA $199.00
Payroll Law 1/29/2015 SEATTLE, WA $199.00
Payroll Law 1/29/2015 ANNAPOLIS, MD $199.00
Payroll Law 1/29/2015 ALBQUERQUE, NM $199.00
Payroll Law 1/29/2015 HARTFORD, CT $199.00
Payroll Law 1/30/2015 COLLEGE PARK, MD $199.00
Payroll Law 1/30/2015 FARMINGTON, NM $199.00
Payroll Law 1/30/2015 NORWICH, CT $199.00
Payroll Law 1/30/2015 ANCHORAGE, AK $199.00
Payroll Law 2/2/2015 CEDAR FALLS, IA $199.00
Payroll Law 2/2/2015 EDISON, NJ $199.00
Payroll Law 2/2/2015 MIAMI, FL $199.00
Payroll Law 2/3/2015 CEDAR RAPIDS, IA $199.00
Payroll Law 2/3/2015 PARSIPPANY, NJ $199.00
Payroll Law 2/3/2015 FT LAUDERDALE, FL $199.00
Payroll Law 2/4/2015 WEST PALM BEACH, FL $199.00
Payroll Law 2/4/2015 NEW YORK, NY $199.00
Payroll Law 2/4/2015 DAVENPORT, IA $199.00
Payroll Law 2/5/2015 ORLANDO, FL $199.00
Payroll Law 2/5/2015 UNIONDALE, NY $199.00
Payroll Law 2/5/2015 OTTUMWA, IA $199.00
Payroll Law 2/6/2015 SARASOTA, FL $199.00
Payroll Law 2/6/2015 DES MOINES, IA $199.00
Payroll Law 2/6/2015 ISLANDIA, NY $199.00
Payroll Law 2/9/2015 ALBANY, NY $199.00
Payroll Law 2/9/2015 LA SALLE, IL $199.00
Payroll Law 2/9/2015 NORTH PLATTE, NE $199.00
Payroll Law 2/10/2015 JOLIET, IL $199.00
Payroll Law 2/10/2015 GRAND ISLAND, NE $199.00
Payroll Law 2/10/2015 GLENS FALLS, NY $199.00
Payroll Law 2/11/2015 NORFOLK, NE $199.00
Payroll Law 2/11/2015 KENOSHA, WI $199.00
Payroll Law 2/11/2015 UTICA, NY $199.00
Payroll Law 2/12/2015 LINCOLN, NE $199.00
Payroll Law 2/13/2015 OMAHA, NE $199.00
Payroll Law 2/17/2015 FAYETTEVILLE, AR $199.00
Payroll Law 2/18/2015 FT. SMITH, AR $199.00
Payroll Law 2/18/2015 WATERTOWN, NY $199.00
Payroll Law 2/18/2015 WAUSAU, WI $199.00
Payroll Law 2/19/2015 SYRACUSE, NY $199.00
Payroll Law 2/19/2015 HOT SPRINGS, AR $199.00
Payroll Law 2/19/2015 APPLETON, WI $199.00
Payroll Law 2/20/2015 LITTLE ROCK, AR $199.00
Payroll Law 2/20/2015 GREEN BAY, WI $199.00
Payroll Law 2/20/2015 BUFFALO, NY $199.00
Payroll Law 2/23/2015 MASON CITY, IA $199.00
Payroll Law 2/23/2015 JOHNSON CITY, TN $199.00
Payroll Law 2/23/2015 CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO $199.00
Payroll Law 2/23/2015 MADISON, WI $199.00
Payroll Law 2/24/2015 SPENCER, IA $199.00
Payroll Law 2/24/2015 PADUCAH, KY $199.00
Payroll Law 2/24/2015 GAINESVILLE, GA $199.00
Payroll Law 2/24/2015 ROCKFORD, IL $199.00
Payroll Law 2/25/2015 MARIETTA, GA $199.00
Payroll Law 2/25/2015 NASHVILLE, TN $199.00
Payroll Law 2/25/2015 OAKBROOK, IL $199.00
Payroll Law 2/25/2015 SIOUX CITY, IA $199.00
Payroll Law 2/26/2015 CHICAGO, IL $199.00
Payroll Law 2/26/2015 SIOUX FALLS, SD $199.00
Payroll Law 2/26/2015 ATLANTA, GA $199.00
Payroll Law 2/27/2015 MERRILLVILLE, IN $199.00
Payroll Law 2/27/2015 ABERDEEN, SD $199.00
Payroll Law 2/27/2015 TALLAHASSEE, FL $199.00
Payroll Law 3/2/2015 TUPELO, MS $199.00
Payroll Law 3/3/2015 HATTIESBURG, MS $199.00
Payroll Law 3/3/2015 MANKATO, MN $199.00
Payroll Law 3/3/2015 OREM, UT $199.00
Payroll Law 3/4/2015 LA CROSSE, WI $199.00
Payroll Law 3/4/2015 SALT LAKE CITY, UT $199.00
Payroll Law 3/4/2015 GULFPORT, MS $199.00
Payroll Law 3/5/2015 EAU CLAIRE, WI $199.00
Payroll Law 3/5/2015 OGDEN, UT $199.00
Payroll Law 3/6/2015 DULUTH, MN $199.00
Payroll Law 3/6/2015 HOUMA, LA $199.00
Payroll Law 3/9/2015 BAKERSFIELD, CA $199.00
Payroll Law 3/10/2015 MODESTO, CA $199.00
Payroll Law 3/10/2015 BISMARCK, ND $199.00
Payroll Law 3/11/2015 FARGO, ND $199.00
Payroll Law 3/11/2015 GILLETTE, WY $199.00
Payroll Law 3/12/2015 GRAND FORKS, ND $199.00
Payroll Law 3/12/2015 CASPER, WY $199.00
Payroll Law 3/13/2015 CHEYENNE, WY $199.00
Payroll Law 3/16/2015 BEMIDJI, MN $199.00
Payroll Law 3/16/2015 MONTROSE, CO $199.00
Payroll Law 3/17/2015 BRAINERD, MN $199.00
Payroll Law 3/17/2015 GRAND JUNCTION, CO $199.00
Payroll Law 3/17/2015 CAMDEN, AR $199.00
Payroll Law 3/18/2015 MONROE, LA $199.00
Payroll Law 3/18/2015 ST. CLOUD, MN $199.00
Payroll Law 3/19/2015 WILLMAR, MN $199.00
Payroll Law 3/19/2015 BOULDER, CO $199.00
Payroll Law 3/20/2015 LAFAYETTE, LA $199.00
Payroll Law 3/20/2015 ROCHESTER, MN $199.00
Payroll Law 3/23/2015 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO $199.00
Payroll Law 3/24/2015 DENVER, CO $199.00

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