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Selling Your Law Practice


Selling Your Law Practice
The Profitable Exit Strategy

Get Top Dollar for Your Law Practice!

You will discover how to:

  • Determine the value of your practice
  • Set your sale price
  • Evaluate and describe your practice's unique characteristics
  • Negotiate the sale more effectively
  • Anticipate transition issues
  • Review state's Rules of Professional Conduct for selling a practice

The CD contains the sample contracts, forms, and financial worksheets from the book in Word and Excel so that the reader/user can reproduce and modify them for your personal circumstances. You don't have to recreate or re-type them. The Excel spreadsheets contain the arithmetic formulae built in where appropriate.

Table of Contents

    Part I: The Essentials of Selling a Law Practice
  • Chapter 1: Can You Sell Your Law Practice?
  • Chapter 2: Caveats and Ethics Issues: Stop, Look, and Listen
  • Chapter 3: A Glossary of Terms
  • Chapter 4: Obtaining a Professional's Opinion of the Value
  • Chapter 5: Engaging the How-Tos: Valuation Methods in Depth
  • Chapter 6: Spread the Word: Letting Buyers, Employees, and Clients Know About the Sale
  • Chapter 7: Find a Qualified Buyer and Prepare to Negotiate
  • Chapter 8: Time to Sit Down at the Table: The Negotiation Process
  • Chapter 9: Don't Forget Uncle Sam: Tax Aspects of a Practice's Sale
  • Chapter 10: Transition Issues: A Checklist for the Selling Attorney
  • Chapter 11: How to Close Your Law Practice: Tying Up the Ends
    Part II – Sample Agreements, Letters, and Forms
    Part III – Financial Worksheets
    Part IV – State Bar Rules Regarding the Sale of a Law Practice
About The Provider: LawBiz® Management Company works with lawyers to increase their profits and their effectiveness in the way they practice law.

Our services provide possible solutions to law practice management challenges and include:
  • Legal Coaching
  • Customized Consulting Services
  • Keynote Speaking and Training Seminars
  • Assistance for Buying and Selling a Law Practice (including valuation, prospectus development, and negotiation strategy)
  • Law Firm Retreats
  • Managing Partners Roundtables
  • Products, Articles, Blogs and other Resources
Our products include a number of Books, Virtual Seminars, CDs and Audiocassettes - all created by Ed Poll.

Ed Poll, the principal of LawBiz® Management, is a nationally recognized coach, law firm management consultant, and author. Since 1990, Mr. Poll has been coaching and consulting lawyers and law firms in strategic planning, profitability analysis, and practice development.

He has practiced law on all sides of the table for 25 years - as a corporate general counsel, government prosecutor, sole practitioner, partner, and law firm chief operating officer.
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